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A Historical Timeline of Zorba’s
1960s   *   1970s   *   1980s


June 1966
Nick “Zorba” Galaxidas opens the first original ZORBA’S restaurant in the country.

December 1966
Zorba’s First Gala New Year’s Eve Party for 200 celebrants.


April 1967
Zorba Greek Easter Celebration on K Street with dancers, entertainment, and roasting a whole lamb on a spit.

August 1967
Zorba’s Bacchus Wine Festival at Carvan Inn for 1000 people.

November 1967
Zorba entertains, with his combo and belly dancers, on board Greek shop for sailors of the Saint Maria.

December 1967
Zorba’s First Annual New Year’s Party at Senator Hotel for 2000 people.


February 1968
Zorba hosts party opening Sacramento Symphony Fund Drive.

March 1968
Zorba’s celebrates the Irish St. Patrick’s Day by participating in the parade – barbecues a traditional Greek lamb on top of a mobile platform (parade float).

May 1968
Zorba organizes first Wine Festival in downtown Sacramento.

*June 1968
Zorba holds christening for his son John, with 400 friends – a happy pageant event, rich with the traditions and ceremonial splendor of Ancient Greece.

September 1968
Zorba turns restaurant into recording studio; “The Mediterraneans” record music outlawed in Greece to be taped and sent to underground stations in Greece.

 December 1968
Zorba’s Second Annual New Year’s Party at Senator Hotel for 3000 people.


April 1969
Zorba prepares his restaurant for shelter from earthquake predicted by Edgar Cayce this month.

May 1969
With objections of two-thirds of K Street merchants, Sacramento City Council gives final go ahead for Downtown K Street Mall project.  Zorba lobbying hard for Mall project.

October 1969
Arguments continue for and against Zorba’s proposal for sidewalk café.

October 1969
City Council approves Zorba’s Continental Kiosk-Sidewalk Café on Downtown Mall in front of his restaurant.

December 1969
Zorba (Nick again) piles 300 sandbags against the front of his restaurant in preparation of pending earthquake predicted by Edgar Cayce – the Sleeping Prophet would destroy California.

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February 1970
Zorba and entertainment troup entertain with Anthony Quinn, Ann Margaret, Roger Smith, and Bill Dana for benefit performance for Concilio at Memorial Auditorium.

May 1970
Zorba buys the Ben Hur Chariot at MGM auction for $3,000.00

May 1970
Boston Race Track exchanges Ben Hur Chariot for common chariot.

June 1970
FBI involved with investigation of missing Chariot.

July 1970
Chariot returned to Zorba from Boston group.

August 1970
Zorba purchases two Arabian horses to train for future Arena Chariot Races.

August 1970
Zorba opens state fair festivities with Ben Hur Chariot.

 September 1970
Zorba is guest of Charleton Heston for special event at Woodlake with Chariot.

October 1970
Zorba opens new $300,000.00 restaurant and night club on K Street, Sacramento, California.

December 1970
Zorba’s new Years Part at new restaurant for 350 people.


July 1971
Zorba’s troupe on television, representing Greece.

August 1971
Zorba’s troupe entertains in Hawaii.

December 1971
New Year’s Party at Zorba’s for 350 people.


February 1972
Zorba’s troupe goes to Bahamas entertaining on board ship for nine days.

April 1972
Zorba’s troupe – with famous table dance, belly dancers and singers - entertains at Ponderosa Hotel in Reno on Monday nights for three months.

May 1972
First offer for toothpaste commercial.

September 1972
Zorba takes tour of Greece with 30 Sacramentans.

October 1972
Meeting with King Constantine of Greece in Rome.

November 1972
Zorba’s teeth insured for $500,000.00 by Lloyds of London.

December 1972
Zorba’s Annual New Year’s Party for 375 party-goers.


June 1973
Zorba and family honored by California State Assembly for their contribution to citizens of Sacramento and the Greek community.

September 1973
Zorba’s troupe entertains for Greek Food Festival and helps raise $25,000.00 for Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation.

October 1973
Zorba hosts world premier of Greece Touring Troupe with Harry Lemonapolis, father of the bouzouki, at Zorba’s Restaurant.

 December 1973
Zorba commences using his chariot for transportation because of energy crisis and gasoline shortage – burns hay instead of gas.

December 1973
Chariot and horses stolen.

December 1973
Chariot and horses found in front yard of Municipal Court judge.

December 1973
Zorba’s Annual New Year’s Eve Party for 350 people.


January 1974
Zorba requested to appear with chariot on Johnny Carson.

January 1974
Zorba commences talent search in Hollywood, Las Vegas, Seattle and Portland for name entertainers to appear at Zorba’s Restaurant.

February 1974
Zorba signs contract with George Maharis for March 8-17 appearance.

 February 1974
Zorba holds press conference to introduce new Zorba Policy.

March 1974
Zorba brings name entertainers and celebrities to Sacramento.

March 1974
Zorba, driving the chariot, and with hundreds of followers and television media, goes to the airport to welcome opening star Geoge Maharis for the opening of the first show at Zorba’s – instant success!

April 1974
Zorba announces the continuing appearance of name entertainers to follow – Lou Rawls, Tony Martin, AnaMaria Albageti, and Ray Anthony.

Mid – 1974
Nick Zorba introduces idea to Downtown merchants, mayor, and city manager to create one day of the month as an open, outdoor merchant shopping day, with art exhibits and entertainment.

The Mayor of Sacramento and the Downtown Business Association recognize Zorba as one of the main contributors to bring night life to Downtown Sacramento.

June 1974
Through efforts of Nick Zorba, the Greek Government presents to the City of Sacramento, the statue of Poseidon to be erected at and for the opening of the Convention Center.

December 1974
Nick Zorba drives the Ben Hur Chariot from 1225 K Street to 2840 Auburn Boulevard, followed by many Sacramentans, for the grand opening of the new location of Zorba’s Restaurant at 2840 Auburn Boulevard, Sacramento, California.


April 1975
Zorba’s organized a two-day, outdoor Greek/Eastern Food Festival with food, entertainment, and art vendors.  Great success – estimated 9,000 attendees.


Through the year of 1976, Zorba’s becomes the main attraction in Sacramento.  If you visit the Capitol, you must visit Zorba’s.


Zorba’s dedicates a celebrity room to television and media reporters to welcome celebrities to the Capitol of California.

~Zorba’s participates in promotion of the opening of the State Fair by bringing Miss California to the event in the Ben Hur Chariot.

~Zorba opens the harness races at the State Fair at Cal-Expo with the Ben Hur Chariot.


Zorba’s creates a pre-opening gala of the State Fair with entertainment, food, and fun for all jockeys and horse owners.


Zorba’s outdoor Eastern Food Festival extended to three days; with food, dancing, and troupes of entertainers from the Mediterranean and Balkan countries, attendance reaches a record high of 12,000.

~Zorba’s and TWA present “Greek Odyssey” – for 18 glorious days, 32 business leaders and politicians touring Greek Islands. 

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Zorba’s opens the largest city disco with 12,000 square feet of glamorous dining room and name entertainers – including Lou Rawls, Donna Summer, and Ray Charles.


Nick Zorba introduces the first Chippendale Dancers at Galactica 2000.


Nick Zorba is invited to Japan to perform his table dance, lifting four tables on a show similar to “That’s Incredible.”


After 18 years, Nick Zorba retires from performing his table dance in Sacramento.  Zorba's closes to a full house.


Nick "Zorba" Galaxidas passed in his hometown of Molaoi, Lakonia, Greece on November 14, 2019.

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